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The Projects of Brian Moffet and Naomi Brokaw


Brian Moffet


Brian is a computer programmer, musician, photographer and occasional computer artist. He has been working in computer programming for 30 years, and has worked in computer visual effects, operating systems development, and performance analysis.

He plays the clarinet, and is slowly learning the guitar. He shoots with a Canon 7D, a 100-400 mm IS lens, and an 18-250 mm lens. He mostly photographs nature and wildlife, and occasionally aircraft.

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Calypso is the Calico cat among us, providing a sense of chaos, much like you would imagine a Greek Godess would.

Naomi Brokaw


Naomi is a writer and editor specializing in development, technology, education, science and business. She is a singer, dancer, baker, and highly addicted reader. She has competed on Jeopardy and in belly dance.

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Zazou is the fluffy one.

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